Press Release
November 10, 2023

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on China Coast Guard firing a water cannon at the Philippine Coast Guard

China is an abuser. Dapat ang ginagawa sa abusado, ipinatitigil.

It is unfortunate that while this recent incident is alarming, it is not entirely surprising. This pattern of abuse is one that China has mastered and will continue to follow without remorse.

At a time when tensions are high around the world, China's bullying only aggravates international relations. Instead of promoting peace, she seems to favor conflict.

Paulit-ulit din ang pag-giit ng Tsina na kanya daw ang ating karagatan. Abuser na, gaslighter pa. We, in government, must double down on our efforts to educate our public and campaign for the one and only truth: Atin ang West Philippine Sea.

We must also upgrade the capabilities of our Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine Navy to maneuver past the Chinese blockade of our troops on Ayungin Shoal. Chinese use of force in the Philippines' own EEZ is contrary to international law.

This incident should push Congress to finally approve a higher budget for the intelligence funds for agencies that defend our territories. Kapag mapalakas ang ating mga frontliners sa West Philippine Sea, mapapalakas din ang ating pambansang seguridad.

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