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December 15, 2023

Bong Go receives Agape Award for exceptional service to Filipinos during the Golden Globe Annual Awards in Manila City

The Agape Award was received by Senator Christopher "Bong" Go on Friday, December 15, during the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Filipino Achievers at the Manila Hotel.

According to the organizers, the award is a testament to Go's exceptional service in helping the Filipino people, reflecting his significant contributions to the welfare of his constituents.

It also acknowledged how the Malasakit Centers program he initiated and now institutionalized through Republic Act No. 11463, which Go principally sponsored and authored, has significantly helped Filipinos with their medical-related needs.

Despite being unable to attend the event in person, Go, through a representative, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the support and trust given upon him as a public servant.

"As I humbly accept the Agape Award, I am reminded of the immense responsibility and honor it is to serve the Filipino people. This award, while a significant honor, is not just for me, but for every Filipino whose life we strive to improve every day," Go expressed.

Go also reiterated his dedication to public service, stating, "With or without an award or recognition, I will continue to serve my fellow Filipinos. Tutulong ako sa abot ng aking makakaya lalo na sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan. My journey in public service has always been driven by a simple yet profound commitment: to be there to help my fellow Filipinos, especially in their time of need."

The senator also took the opportunity to highlight some of his legislative priorities aimed at benefiting the impoverished. These include various initiatives focused particularly on healthcare and sports, among others.

As chairperson of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, Go has reaffirmed his commitment to advancing his top three health initiatives.

First is the Malasakit Centers, a brainchild of Go, which are designed as one-stop shops to provide Filipinos with easy access to medical assistance from various government agencies. He principally authored and sponsored RA 11463, which has established 159 operational centers and assisted more than ten million indigent patients, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

Second, the Super Health Centers, a step up from the regular rural health units, aimed at enhancing the availability of primary care, medical consultation and early disease detection, especially in underserved areas.

Third, the Regional Specialty Centers, which focus on providing specialized medical services in different regions, addressing the need for advanced healthcare facilities outside of major urban centers. RA 11959, which Go principally sponsored and is one of its authors, specifically mandates the formation of Regional Specialty Centers within regional hospitals overseen by DOH.

"Ito pong Regional Specialty Centers ay isa ring paraan para mailapit natin ang serbisyo medikal ng gobyerno sa ating mga kababayan lalung-lalo na po yung mga mahihirap," he cited.

Go, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Sports, also advocated for the institutionalization of the Philippine National Games (PNG), emphasizing the crucial contribution of sports to the country's progress.

He likewise underlined the significance of grassroots sports initiatives in discovering and fostering athletic potential. Go emphasized the necessity of an inclusive and extensive national grassroots sports program, viewing it as the foremost sports competition in the country and a key mechanism for molding aspiring athletes across the nation.

The bill, which he recently sponsored in the Senate plenary before session adjourned this year, also emphasizes the inclusion of para-athletes and a commitment to hold the Games biennially, ensuring wide participation from athletes across the country.

"The PNG will harness the vast potentials of Filipinos in discovering and developing potential athletes in various sports who could form part of our national pool of athletes," he previously said.

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