Press Release
May 17, 2024

Poe on unconsolidated jeepneys

Concerned agencies must step up to provide alternative livelihood to thousands of jeepney drivers who are now jobless amid the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) rollout.

The trainings and employment opportunities being touted should be available, accessible and flexible, especially to our older drivers.

Hindi lang libo-libong jeepney ang nakatambay ngayon sa mga garahe at kalsada, pati na ang mga driver nila na tiyak naghahagilap na ng mapagkakakitaan para may maipakain sa pamilya.

The strong push for the PUVMP should be matched with greater safety nets for the drivers and operators who became casualties of the program.

We also call on the LTFRB to address the commuters' complaints about the lack of PUVs in a number of routes since the threat of

apprehension on the unconsolidated jeepneys started.

With the unconsolidated jeepneys in 313 routes in Metro Manila, by no stretch of imagination can we say that we have sufficient PUVs on the road for our commuters.

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