Press Release
May 26, 2024

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on China's military drills around Taiwan after swearing in of new Taiwanese President

China must stop flexing her muscles around Taiwan and all across the South China Sea.

Militarizing the SCS is not the solution. Instead of working with governments to abate the tensions in the region, all Beijing has done is make matters worse.

The Taiwanese, like any free and democratic people, have the right to choose their leaders and other elected representatives.

I want to assure the new Taiwanese President, Lai Ching-te, that he has allies in the Philippines.

As a fellow believer in democracy, I would like to express my renewed commitment to support all his current and prospective efforts to help safeguard peace and security in our region.

I hope the international community can unequivocally stand with Taiwan amid China's continued belligerence.

Any conflict in our region affects not only our neighbors, but also the entire world.

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