Senator Benigno S. Aquino III

Senate Office:
Rm. 526 5th Flr., GSIS Bldg., Financial Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Trunk Lines: (632) 552-6601 to 70 loc. 5541
Direct Lines: (632) 833-6383
Telefax No.: (632) 552-6601 loc. 5540
Email: [email protected]

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Senator Senate of the Philippines
14th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines
Member House of Representatives
(1998-2001; 2001-2004; 2004-2007)
Deputy Speaker House of Representatives
13th Congress of the Philippines
(November 8, 2004-February 21, 2006)
Vice Chairman Liberal Party of the Philippines
(March 17, 2006 to present)
Secretary General Liberal Party of the Philippines
(2004 to March 16, 2006)
Vice-Pres. for Luzon Liberal Party of the Philippines
Secretary General Liberal Party of the Philippines
Chairman of the Board Central Luzon Congressional Caucus


13th Congress

  • Banks & Financial Intermediaries
  • Energy
  • Export Promotion
  • Public Order & Safety

12th Congress

  • Civil
  • Political & Human Rights
  • Good Government
  • Public Order & Security
  • Inter-Parliamentary Relations & Diplomacy

11th Congress

  • Civil
  • Political & Human Rights (Vice-Chairman)
  • Public Order & Security
  • Transportation & Communications
  • Agriculture
  • Banks & Financial Intermediaries
  • Peoples’ Participation
  • Suffrage and Electoral Reforms
  • Appropriations
  • Natural Resources
  • Trade & Industry


  • House Bill No. 4251 – granting annual productivity incentives to all workers in the private sector
  • House Bill No. 4397 – strengthening the regulatory power of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to effectively enforce consumer laws
  • House Bill No. 4252 – increasing the penalties for non-compliance of the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage rates of workers
  • House Bill No. 3616 – extending the reglementary period for the educational qualification for PNP members
  • House Bill No. 1842 – providing for the codification of criminal laws
  • House Resolution No. 65 – inquiry in aid of legislation into the policies and processes of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in granting rate increases to electric utilities
  • House Resolution No. 788 – creating a select Congressional Oversight Committee on intelligence funds to check and study the use of intelligence funds by government agencies to ensure that funds allocated therefor are utilized for the purpose they are intended


Made the procurement of the petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) requirements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines transparent by requiring public bidding.


AB Economics Ateneo de Manila University
Secondary Education Ateneo de Manila University
Primary Education Ateneo de Manila University

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