Photo Release

March 22, 2023

Game over for POGO industry: Sen. Win Gatchalian, chairperson of the Committee on Ways and Means, calls for the immediate ban of all Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) operations in the country, saying that the costs of POGOs outweigh the benefits they are supposed to provide. In his privilege speech Wednesday, March 22, 2023, Gatchalian allayed fears that the ban on POGO operations will have an adverse effect on the economy, stressing the move may result in a “net positive” for the Philippine economy when taken into effect the potential benefits of improved investor and tourist confidence. “Our conclusion is that the POGO industry has proven to be more of a liability than an asset to the Philippine economic and social order. In line with this conclusion, this representation formally recommends that the Executive Department and its concerned agencies immediately ban POGO operations in the Philippines,” Gatchalian said (Bibo Nueva España / Senate PRIB)