Press Release
December 19, 2007

Bicam Approves Gordon Amendment in ACEF Budget
for Agricultural Products Transportation Earmarked

Senator Richard J. Gordon reported today that the Bicameral Conference Committee on the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) has concluded the bill ready for PGMA's signature. "The ACEF is a massive source of funding originally envisioned to enhance competitiveness of the agricultural and fisheries sector. It is an important piece of legislation that will change the lives of our farmers and their families. Through the ACEF, the government's support can be clearly felt through the implementation of support projects for credit, infrastructure, research and development, and the like," Senator Gordon explained.

During the Bicam, Senator Gordon as co-author of the bill fought for the earmarking of funds to increase supply chain efficiency and other infrastructure including access, as well as an established transportation mechanism towards speedy delivery of products. The Gordon Amendment was accepted by the committee and is included in the final draft.

"The amendment sealed the government's commitment to agriculture by allotting funds for the transportation of goods to markets where the goods can actually be sold and consumed," Senator Gordon noted. "I laud Senator Angara for sponsoring this measure in the Senate and pushing the Committee to work hard for this early Christmas gift for our farming and fishing sectors."

As the catalyst of "Fruits of Hope", a project that assisted in the transport of fruits from Sulu and other provinces from the South to supermarkets here in Manila , Senator Gordon said that "this amendment will solidify the efforts we have already started. With this amendment, the law will allow government to work with our people by giving our people the opportunity to sell their products so they can earn to lead better lives."

"With this law, we help eradicate poverty and give insurgency one less reason to gain support all throughout the nation. When we give the people a government that will work for the betterment of their lives and their future, we are one step closer to a unified stand towards development." Senator Gordon concluded.

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