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April 17, 2009

Gordon commends NPC's volunteerism

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon today commended the spirit of volunteerism displayed by the National Press Club (NPC) in donating blood in support of efforts to ensure adequate supply of safe blood in the country.

Gordon, chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), made the commendation at the bloodletting activity on the NPC grounds in Intramuros, Manila , where some 150 mediamen voluntarily donated blood.

"The spirit of volunteerism reflects the ability of our people to put the interest of the community before their own, and the foresight and maturity to appreciate the value of short-term sacrifice for long-term gain," he said.

"All of you here today have shown that spirit of volunteerism in your willingness to donate blood that could extend the lives of other people in the future," he added.

Under the leadership of its President Benny Antiporda, the NPC has been holding blood donation to help the PNRC's continuous efforts to maintain adequate supply of blood in all its chapters with blood service facilities.

There are 72 PNRC blood service facilities in strategic locations around the country to address the gap in blood supply specifically during the lean months of December and January when most people, due to the holiday season, are disqualified to donate blood.

The PNRC Blood Service depends entirely on voluntary donations from the public. Blood donation sessions are set up throughout the country and take place in many different venues.

To be a donor, one must be fit and healthy and be between 17 and 60 years old. Regular healthy donors can donate blood until age 65. Donors can give blood up to four times a year or once every eight to 12 weeks.

Gordon, for his part, has always been supportive of the members of the Fourth Estate. Whenever a journalist is reported killed, he is the first to stand up in the Senate hall reviling the latest media killing.

Alarmed of the risks Filipino journalists face today, he initiated the granting, through the PNRC, of medical and health insurance benefits to mediamen, especially those who cover disaster-and conflict-stricken areas.

With the memorandum of agreement signed between the PNRC and the NPC, the 1,200 bona fide NPC members became members of the PNRC apart from receiving insurance benefits of up to P300,000 provided by Prudential Guarantee and Assurance Inc.

"Our journalists face greater risks today than before. Many of them risk their own lives and safety as they fulfill their responsibility of providing us with timely and relevant information during times of national emergency and crisis," the senator said.

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