Press Release
April 30, 2009


In pursuit of his advocacy of empowering the labor sector, Senator Bong Revilla filed a bill that seeks to oblige all employers to provide their employees and workers proper awareness on their benefits and rights.

The senator stressed that as affirmed by the Constitution, the State is mandated to protect the rights of workers and employees and promote their welfare.

He pointed out that the government pursues policies to provide benefits and uphold the rights of its workers and employees. Concrete examples are the enactment of sound policies such as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act and Labor Code.

"However, these benefits can not be fully enjoyed if the employees and workers are not aware of its existence. Rights and benefits are useless if they are ignorant about it," Revilla said.

Regarding Worker Education and Information, Revilla clarified that it is already provided in the Presidential Decree 442 or Labor Code as Adult Education but there is a need to strengthen this provision by making this mandatory.

"My proposal also enumerates the important laws and regulations that must be discussed to the employees and workers. Furthermore, the solicitation for assistance of other government agencies and non-government organizations must be undertaken to achieve full awareness of the employees of their rights and benefits," he said.

Under Senate Bill 2869, every employer shall provide free regular adult education and information programs for their workers and employees. These include education seminars on worker's rights, benefits and privileges under existing laws, statues, rules and regulations, such as but not limited to benefits as provided by GSIS and SSS law, Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003, Solo parents' Act and Presidential Decree no. 626, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Company Policies and Employment Contracts, and their counterpart duties and responsibilities as workers and employees.

Assistance from government agencies, the employer may also seek assistance from local government units, industry chambers, labor federations, non-government organizations and entities providing seminars of this nature.

"We recognize the importance of the workers in our society. Hence, urgent passage of this bill is requested," Revilla ended.

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