Press Release
May 3, 2009

Statement of Senate Majority Leader on Manny Pacquiao's victory

"Manny Pacquiao has always been and is the pride of the Philippines. His win proves to the world that Filipinos can excel in any endeavor, whether it is in the field of politics, public service, sports, or entertainment. Manny proves to us that no fighter coming from the West or from the East can stand in his way to promote goodwill for the Filipino people.

"His win goes to show that the Filipinos can do it. We can be world class and we can be the source of national pride. We can make it in the international arena.

"I hope the entire nation continue to unite as we always do every time Manny fights. I wish these rare moments of unity would spread out throughout the years to come because we need that kind of national unity to be able to promote peace and development in our country."

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