Press Release
May 26, 2009

Press statement of Senator Loren Legarda

Cannes win a boost to RP film industry

The victory by Brillante Mendoza at the Cannes Film Festival is a much-needed shot in the arm for the local film industry. It also shows that the Filipino is not lacking of talent. While his subject matter was rather controversial, it showed that audiences and critics alike can appreciate films that take a realistic look at life and the ills and inequities of society.

Mendoza's winning Best Director should encourage other Filipino artists to aspire to be among the best, if not the best in the world of filmmaking. This should also entice Filipinos to patronize our own movies, especially those that have social and artistic relevance.

On overloading of ill-fated MB Commando 6

The overloading of passenger ships of all sizes in the Philippines remains a big problem and doesn't speak well of the enforcement by authorities of our maritime laws. The sinking of the overloaded MB Commando 6 is yet another example of how some people's greed had destroyed lives and shattered dreams.

There is a strong probability that the overloading of ships with passengers and cargoes are also taking place in our numerous ports, considering that the overloading of the MB Commando 6 took place in the busy and supposedly well-regulated port of Batangas.

Maritime disasters that are avoidable had become a recurring storyline in our country. The maritime industry must be better regulated by authorities and served only by shipping firms that have a conscience not to imperil the lives of their passengers.

On stopping use of thermal scanners

The thermal scanners are already in place and operational in our airports, so I don't see the point of stopping their use in detecting possible swine flu infection of inbound passengers.

While the Department of Health may be correct that the thermal scanners may not detect swine flu carriers during the virus' incubation period, the scanners can nonetheless detect full-blown virus cases as manifested by the carriers running a fever.

We have already invested in the scanners and the training of the personnel who use them, the said equipment would go to waste if they would not be used. More importantly, we would be removing one check valve in the fight against the virus.

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