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September 17, 2009

Transcript of ambush interview with Senator Lacson

Q: Reak to Erap filing libel suit vs Yuchengco?

A: That is his right as a citizen who feels aggrieved by all these revelations. Now it will depend on the appreciation of the courts kung may merit ang kanyang finile na libel case. That is within his right

Q: He said he will go all out to defend himself

A: He's already defending himself. Again that is his right to defend himself. And I'm not accusing him. I'm just informing the Filipino people of what kind of a government official he was when he was still president

Q: Comment on libel charge

A: That's within his right if he feels aggrieved siya sa reveal ni Mr. Yuchengco prerogative niya to seek justice or anong gusto maging compensation

Q: If you will be called to testify?

A: Kung ma-issue-han ako ng subpoena to testify, that's my duty to testify. And whatever personal knowledge na pwede kong share kung magkaroon ng court case out of my revelation, so be it. But I will not initiate any move to put him in jeopardy especially kung makulong uli siya. Hindi yan intention ko. I explained this over and over again. Intention ko is to inform the electorate para pagdating May 2010 meron silang input, proper information to choose our future leader.

Q: Sa hearing sinabi niyo ayaw nyo sa kulungan?

A: Hindi. Nakakaawa, P50 per day per person. Imagine yourself being given by your parents P50 isang araw pangkain maghapon. E anong klaseng pagkain kakainin ninyo? In jest, but serious na rin, na tinanong ko yan di dahil pupunta ako roon. I really don't intend to go there. In the first place sabi ko nga di ako guilty, walang reason pupunta ako roon.

Q: Dumlao pointed to Erap as the one who ordered

A: He said it all. Napanood ko rin at nakita ko rin sa ginawang interview sa kanya kung ano ang kanyang saloobin at nalalaman. Of course that should be translated into some legal forms kasi ito informal interview. But if that's a preview of what he intends to say in his affidavit or his testimony, then I welcome it, personally. But of course I feel bad for the former president and all those who may be indicted or may be affected by the revelation of Supt. Dumlao. My heart also goes out kay Supt. Dumlao kasi nakita ko yung burden na dinadala niya, he was crying when he was being interviewed. And it's very obvious gusto niya ilabas din ang kung anuman ang dinadala niya sa sarili niya

Q: Sabi Erap scripted lang?

A: I haven't talked to Supt. Dumlao. Siguro ang mindset niya parating pelikula kaya sinasabing scripted. Di naman artista si Dumlao, paano siya susunod sa script? And you be the judge. When you saw him habang nagsasalita pwede ninyo tingnan sa demeanor ng tao kung may sinusunod na script, or kung seryoso at sinsero ang sinasabi. Ako I felt bad last night, even if that is exculpatory para sa akin. Still, talagang I was affected by his revelation

Q: Why

A: Nakita ko rin ang paghirap na dinadala niya at gusto niya unload, unburden sarili niya sa dinadala niya kinikimkim niya sa sarili niya

Q: You haven't spoken to Dumlao?

A: I haven't talked to him since he arrived. Even when he was in the US I had the occasion of meeting with him only once, with the others, Mancao, and this was I think before 2004 pa yata

Q: You will reveal details about Bentain case?

A: Ang sinabi ko I am gathering information because may initial information na pumapasok and whatever I can share to serve justice lalo sa pamilya ni Bentain I will share it with you during my privilege speech

Q: Anong (focus?)

A: Some details kaya lang di pa kumpleto. I'm not even decided yet kung isasama ko sa privilege speech ko. But merong substantial information that can be backed by at least yung solid information I might include. Kasi once and for all para maliwanag ang lahat itong issue na ito and also in fairness to people who are suffering on account of all these incidents

Q: Enough to file a case?

A: I think that will provide a good lead to start with in the first place

Q: Part 2 sino malalaglag

A: Di ko alam, kayo maghusga pag deliver ko privilege speech ko. I'm still in the process of collating all the information necessary and pag nakailang redraft ang part 2 in the same manner there are so many revision sa part 1

Q: Advice to BF

A: That's his own personal decision. Ako kaibahan kay BF at least meron siyang selection process na sinalihan. Ako kasi noon I was denied that selection process. So kung ang ginawa kay BF tulad ng ginawa sa akin I would advise him to pursue pero iba ang situation namin. All I was asking for at the time was a fair and transparent selection process ng coalition ng opposition noon which was denied

Q: Angie Reyes said possible brownouts

A: Malabo yan. Napaka-ill advised comment coming from the SOE himself at saka napakatagal ng election. Paano niya mape-predict magkakaroon ng brownout? Medyo kung di man malice, medyo suspect ang pronouncement na yan and ill-advised to say the least

Q: Pero SOE siya dapat alam niya

A: Pero pwede mo ba ma-predict ang brownout so many months from now? Napakagaling naman SOE pagka ganoon

Q: (?)

A: You can say kung anuman ang nasa loob niya I hope na-misquote siya or he said it in jest. Pero kung seryoso siya, pwedeng sabihing kinukundisyon niya ang utak natin na magbabrownout sa election and that's very dangerous. Mag-computerize tayo may backup power supply sa election but I don't think it will be sufficient. Coming from a responsible secretary of the Cabinet tapos ganoon ang sasabihin, dapat medyo clarify niya yan dahil masama talaga

Q: Ano danger emergency power for PGMA?

A: Lalong dangerous yan. It's dangerous enough magkaka-brownout sa election pero mas dangerous yung bigyan mo ng emergency power ang pangulo during the election season. Lalong delikado yan. Pag emergency power that's tantamount to declaration of Martial Law, with some modifications of course

Q: Anong scenario nakikita ninyo?

A: No-el nga. Yan lang nakikita natin

Q: Hostile witness ba si Dumlao

A: I don't know. Hindi ko alam ano situation niya ngayon

Q: VP ni Villar si Noli, tingin ninyo?

A: Ayoko, di ko alam ang istorya nila

Q: Villar wants Noli

A: Lookout niya yan pero sinabi niya di siya tatakbo uling VP di ba?

Let's leave it to him

Q: Strong tandem ba?

A: No comment (3x)

Q: (?)

A: Mamili siya ng iba

Q: Mag-VP rin kayo di ba?

A: Wala na kumakausap sa akin (laughs)

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