Press Release
October 2, 2009


Opposition Sen. Chiz Escudero noted on Tuesday that hospitals affected by Typhoon Ondoy have exacerbated the lack of hospital beds in the country.

"We've always had this problem of scarce hospital facilities and equipment ailing the public health system," said the senator. "We didn't need Typhoon Ondoy to raise our awareness but hospitals were reportedly among those hit by the typhoon this time."

The Amang Rodriguez Medical Center in Marikina City was submerged on Saturday. Generators were flooded, cutting off electricity during the storm. Three other hospitals in Metro Manila were reportedly affected, San Lazaro Hospital and Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital and East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

He stressed the urgent need for government to address the issue of scarce hospital beds. There is a proposal in Congress for a P10 billion supplemental budget in the wake of Typhoon Ondoy. Senator Escudero suggested that at least P1billion be allotted to rebuilding hospitals and replacing destroyed facilities and equipments. "Government should make sure the rebuilding fund is utilized properly as it would mitigate the negative effects of a calamity should it happen.

"Getting these hospitals back on their feet should be a post-calamity priority," said the senator adding that "if these hospitals remain closed, the poor whom the floods have made more destitute will have nowhere to go."

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