Press Release
January 3, 2017

Sharing with you Sen. Grace Poe's text statement on the reported animal cruelty

I call on the MMFF organizers to look into the matter of whether a dog was actually butchered as part of the filming of the movie Oro in violation of the existing law on animal welfare. If in fact that were the case, I condemn such act and would move for the invalidation of the FPJ award given to the film. The MMFF and the producers of Oro should fully cooperate with the concerned government agency for the immediate investigation on this matter. Artistic license does not justify the violation of our laws.

Though I am not part of the jury that decided on the award, it is my responsibility to uphold the values of FPJ. He would never condone an act of animal cruelty.

Aside from the possible criminal liability, if indeed proved, the MMFF should also consider applicable administrative sanctions against the producers and/or film makers for any misrepresentation before the MMFF selection committee on this matter which in itself may already justify the movie being stripped of any and all awards it received among other sanctions.

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