Press Release
January 31, 2017

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III

On the legislative agenda

SP Pimentel: What I mentioned to you before, as the priority bills of Congress, found their way into the legislative-executive priority bills. Nandun naman lahat. Ang ano na lang namin, so that walang malimutan, walang mapabayaan, there would be periodic Ledac meetings, once a quarter is the formal one and then once a month would be a smaller group like an Exe-Com. Ano na ang mangyayari, to monitor the progress and then of course, yung list of priorities is not fixed in stone, nagbabago. When there is a new idea, a good idea, why not make it a priority? And then there was a proposal that once in a while we also convene a so-called Lejdac, that's the judiciary. Maganda naman yun, so that I am sure ang lalabas dun would be justice matters, judiciary or justice matters, which is very important.

Q: How was the atmosphere during the meeting?

SP: Masaya naman, tsaka professional naman lahat. Ok naman lahat.

Q: May timeframe po para ma-achieve yung passage ng priority bills?

SP: Syempre, as soon as possible but of course ang timeline namin, absolute deadline namin would be the 17th Congress, kasi that is the only Congress that we can commit as legislators pero once determined as priority, ano na po yun, as soon as possible. Without unnecessary delays. It also does not mean that we cannot pass any other measure. Just as I told you earlier, our strategy here with the Majority Leader, Senator Sotto, is that kung pwedeng dual track kami or two tracks na while we pass priority measures, we also work on the easy or non-controversial measures, although not on the list.

Q: Who attended the Ledac?

SP: Senator Drilon, Senator Sotto, Senator Recto, and Senator Cayetano were all there.

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