Press Release
February 2, 2017


I have been asked whether or not hearings will be conducted on the recent Amnesty international report on the alleged extra-judicial killings.

I am of the belief that a hearing will, and must always, be called by the Justice and Human Rights Committee- whenever the public, and the national interest will so require- not only as an oversight function; but, more importantly, to oversee the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution on human rights.

The recurring issue of EJK is something that daily confronts us. The events are not only worrisome, they have become disquieting.

So far, however, the reports that I get are mostly hearsay- e.g., from people who tell me that x or y or z was reportedly killed through EJK or tokhang activities. But, we cannot act on mere hearsay. And the report, on this score, does not yet rise above hearsay.

If anyone will come to me and present testimonial or other solid evidence to back up an assertion, I will be the first to say, a hearing must be conducted. For to conduct a hearing based on hearsay is to expend precious government resources on mere "tsismis."

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