Press Release
February 5, 2017

'Bad peace is better than just war'

A bad peace is always better than a just war. The two parties must be pulled back from the brink of reigniting the conflict.

This would involve reconsidering incendiary statements issued during the past week, and revoking directives issued.

It is never too late to give peace another chance. In the search for a settlement, one must never tire of negotiation-fatigue.

Parties must therefore refrain from taking steps that will lead the country toward the path of irrevocable resumption of hostilities.

As the lure of fighting beckons, it is perhaps time to be reminded of lessons from an insurgency which has lasted almost half a century.

One is for government to realize that guns alone will not defeat an insurgency with deeply rooted social causes. And rebels must explore the prospect that more concessions can be won on the negotiating table than on the battlefield.

There is no constituency for war in this country. Parties must not engage in one that will make all of us collateral damages of their folly.

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