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February 7, 2017

Villar: Penalty vs scalawags must be severe; not mere pushups

Sen. Cynthia Villar today expressed support for severe penalties against police scalawags, saying pushups are punishments too light against men and women who committed the serious offense of betrayal of public trust.

"I can understand the frustration of our people hearing about police authorities masterminding kidnapping operations, extortion and summary executions. These are the people who vowed to serve and protect. If the police cannot be trusted, where will our people go?," Villar said.

Villar said there is merit in the creation of a task force that will investigate and operate against erring cops, pending a formal document stating in detail the scope and composition of the task force.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald Dela Rosa created the Counter-Intelligence Task Force led by Sr. Superintendent Jose Chiquito Malayo to go after police officers involved in illegal activities.

It is composed of 100 police personnel from the PNP Special Action Force and the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

"We should send a strong signal that these activities will never be condoned and that we will not let a handful destroy the whole of the police organization," Villar said.

The Nacionalista Party senator also welcomed the pronouncement of President Rodrigo Duterte stating that policemen who use the anti-narcotics drive as a cover for illegal activities will be transferred to conflict areas in Mindanao.

"This is letting the public know that the administration can also be harsh on police scalawags, not only on perpetrators of illegal drugs. And certainly, being harsh is not only letting them do pushups," she said.

To the proposal for scalawag cops from the National Capital Region Police to clear the Pasig River of water lilies, Villar said she will be willing to accept the water lilies as materials for the weaving enterprises of Las Pinas residents.

PNP mounted an internal cleansing drive after several police officers got involved in the kidnapping and killing of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo.

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