Press Release
February 23, 2017


Aguirre thinks my press statement on his sociopathic serial killer President is seditious.

Sedition includes committing "any act of hate or revenge against private persons or any social class" for "any political or social end." (Art 139, in relation to Art 142, RPC)

Aguirre declared mere criminal suspects and addicts and users as not part of humanity, thereby reinforcing Duterte's pronouncement that they can be killed as a group without committing a crime against humanity.

Aguirre should arrest his boss, then arrest himself, for committing the most seditious and murderous act of inciting people to violence against mere suspected pushers and users since the past 7 months.

This regime has been committing acts of sedition since the beginning for pitting the population against each other in a drug war that calls for the elimination of an entire class of the population which, according to the President, consists of three million pushers and users.

The single most abominable act of sedition is Aguirre and Duterte inciting acts of hate and violence on the people they identify as no longer humans, while being in government by virtue of a Constitution that tells them that no one shall be deprived of life without due process of law.

By calling a part of the population as sub-humans and ordering their killing without due process, this regime has overthrown constitutional order through a political coup and by perverting an electoral mandate in order to perpetrate a policy of premeditated mass murder.

Arestuhin at kasuhan mo muna si Duterte at sarili mo, Ginoong Aguirre, bago ako.

Aguirre and Duterte are the rebels and inciters against a constitutional order that values life and due process above everything else. They have overthrown our constitutional government when they called for the elimination of an entire social class of suspected pushers and users, resulting in the murders and summary killings in our urban poor communities.

Sila ang mga rebelde at kriminal na dapat arestuhin, hindi ako.

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