Press Release
February 27, 2017

Transcript of Interview of Senator Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Na-surprised po ba kayo?

SFMD: After 19 years in the Senate nothing surprises me anymore.

Q: May kinalaman po ba sa gagawing investigation kay Lascanas?

SFMD: They are the ones who kicked us out, so you ask them.

Q: How do you feel about it?

SFMD: Nothing. We are not kapit tuko. It's a number's game. They have the numbers. But just for the record, the LP supported SP Pimentel when we reorganized the 17th Congress. That's on the record. We offered him six votes and part of the first 13 votes that he got included seven from LP and its allies.

Q: The SP did not fight for you?

SFMD: No, no, no. This is part of the life of the Senate.

Q: What does it tell about the leadership of SP Pimentel?

SFMD: I would rather leave that to those who reorganized us out of the majority.

Q: Hindi na po kayo members ng Commission on Appointments?

SFMD: The CA membership is based on party affiliation and so is the membership in the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

Q: From here on...

SFMD: We are in the minority.

Q: More scrutiny?

SFMD: There has always been scrutiny whether you are part of the majority or minority. We will always scrutinize the bills that are being presented. We will do our job as senators.

Q: Hindi n'yo po na-anticipate?

SFMD: Nabilang ko na iyan noon pa.

Q: Hindi na rin po sinubukan na tapatan ang numbers?

SFMD: The majority decided, then be it; when you become part of the majority, ganoon din iyon. It's a numbers game.

Q: Wala namang abiso kung kayo pa rin ang chairman ng constitutional amendments committee?

SFMD: The chairmanship of the committee is always the will of the majority. It's up to them.

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