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March 1, 2017

Cayetano welcomes resumption of anti-drug war

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano today welcomed the Duterte administration's decision to step-up its anti-drug war to be pursued by "efficient and honest" police personnel, in tandem with anti-drug operatives of the government.

"It should now be our people's war against drugs, not just President Duterte's drug war, because it is our fight for our families' safety, rights and values," Cayetano said as he called on the public anew to continue supporting the campaign.

The senator said while new reforms and guidelines have been put in place by the administration, he urged professional and decent law enforcers to continue to be vigilant in order to prevent scalawags from pursuing their criminal activities.

He said President Rodrigo Duterte's order to relaunch the anti-drug campaign, still under the supervision of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and backed by smaller task forces composed of police personnel with no history of corruption, augurs well for the objectives he set.

He cited the strengths and challenges of both: PNP's 160,000 manpower with jurisdiction all the way to the barangay level while PDEA is backed by its proven tactical operations culled from focused intelligence data on drug syndicates.

"We thank the President for reiterating his commitment to ending our country's perennial problem on illegal drugs," Cayetano stressed.

"A successful anti-drug campaign will mean fewer crimes and more peaceful communities, with our families as the biggest gainers in the process," he added.

"We need all the help we can get to succeed in our fight. And so I also call on our people, our families and all sectors in society to help us win our war, our people's war against drugs."

The senator reiterated his call to local government units, agencies, and the civic, religious, and youth sectors to help win the people's war on drugs, specifically to initiate and implement their own programs not only for their communities' safety but for the rehabilitation of drug-affected families in their towns.

"This is our people's war on drugs, our fight for the right of every family to a peaceful and safe community, to uphold the right of every peace-loving Filipino to be protected," the senator said.

"This is not just President Duterte's war, it's ours!" he intoned.

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