Press Release
March 8, 2017

Transcript of Interview of Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On Sec. Lopez appointment

SFMD: The three-strike policy only means that after the third bypass the Commission on Appointment (CA) must act, the commission can no longer by pass, which is the correct way of doing things, because the commission must decide. So in the case of Secretary Gina Lopez I do not see how it will be decided tomorrow or next week, simply because of the number of oppositors. Ang mangyayari, kung maba-bypass si Secretary Lopez; and applying the rule when we resume session in May, assuming that she's reappointed, then the commission must act on her appointment before we adjourn sine die in June.

Q: Sir, so she must be immediately reappointed after the bypass?

SFMD: She has to be reappointed because she's holding an ad interim appointment and therefore, she must be given a new appointment, which will be submitted to the CA for deliberations.

Q: Pasado na ang death penalty sa HoR...

SFMD: Nobody can predict what will happen in the Senate. The Liberal Party and its allies will take a position against the death penalty. Here, all the LP members including Sen. Ralph Recto will take a party position on the death penalty, including our ally, Risa Hontiveros, Sen. Trillanes. It's an uphill battle here.

Q: May effort ba to convince other senators to vote against the death penalty?

SFMD: We have taken an LP stand...We'll present strong arguments against it.

Q: May i-impose po ban a penalty doon sa congressmen na bumoto sa death penalty?

SFMD: I cannot speak for the House. I cannot speak for the party. I'm talking about party stand in the Senate.

Q: Sa HoR, hindi party stand?

SFMD: Sa house, the congressmen there are taking a conscience vote.

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