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March 8, 2017

Recto: MMDA's 'odd-even' plan symptomatic of adhoc approach to traffic

MMDA should study carefully if its new "Windows 2" software to decongest EDSA traffic would work.

It better run tabletop simulations and calculations if it could indeed be the relief, no matter temporarily, we have all been looking for.

It should employ algorithms and Big Data in gauging its feasibility. We need to see science behind the proposal.

The motoring public is tired of being lurched from one experiment to another.

One concern about this new MMDA project to declog EDSA is that it might just transfer volume to peripheral streets, minimizing traffic on this main route but creating monstrous jams on secondary streets.

If that happens, then it would be akin to transferring the pain instead of eliminating it.

To increase road capacity, better for MMDA to rid Mabuhay Lanes and other roads of obstructions, beginning with junk on permanent display.

Overall, there should be a Metro Manila traffic abatement master plan, not just by the MMDA, but by the whole government, including the DOTR, and covering all sectors, including rail, which is key to reducing road volume. MMDA cannot do it alone.

Sporadic traffic schemes bare an adhoc approach.

On a related topic, MMDA should amend its order allowing roadworks only at night, from 10pm to 4 am.

It must also cover non-roadwork but traffic-causing activities like the repainting of road islands and underpasses, the watering of roadside plants, the replacement of streetlights, the hanging of tarpaulins, all of which should be scheduled during the graveyard shift.

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