Press Release
March 15, 2017


Senator JV Ejercito is seeking to create an independent and non-regulatory National Transportation Safety Board (Senate Bill No. 1375) that would investigate major accidents involving all types of public utility vehicles or vessels.

Ejercito cited his measure during yesterday's Public Services Committee hearing, which tackled proposed bills seeking to avert road accidents and to improve road worthiness of vehicles.

"The mission of the NTSB is to engage in the investigation and determination of probable cause of transportation accidents, the issuance of safety recommendations and special studies directed at preventing recurrence of accidents and evaluating the effectiveness of concerned government agencies as well as their policies in preventing transportation agencies," the senator said in his measure.

He added that the NTSB will be primarily responsible for the analysis, evaluation, and prevention of accidents on air, marine and land transportation including railways and pipeline systems, for the effective promotion of riders' safety and to prevent loss of life and property.

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