Press Release
March 21, 2017

De Lima met with notary public inside Crame

Senator Leila M. de Lima said today that the Office of the Solicitor General's statement on the alleged defect in the notarization of her petition to the Supreme Court is a false allegation. She said it has no factual basis.

According to De Lima, the notary public met with her at Camp Crame for the former to notarize the petition that she signed. De Lima further said that, contrary to the OSG's claim, the notary public was, in fact, in Camp Crame, when the Senator was brought there.

De Lima points out that the OSG, by repeatedly attempting to resort to the basest of technicalities, and in lieu of substantial arguments against the merits of her Supreme Court petition, is scraping the bottom of the barrel for whatever argument is left to support her continued illegal detention. The senator said that the OSG attack is obviously borne out of desperation.

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