Press Release
March 27, 2017

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Handwritten Notes
Dispatch from Crame Nos. 42 & 43

Dispatch from Crame No. 43

3 / 27 / 17

Duterte tells his allies--Put off VP Leni's impeach raps. But, for his men, notably, Alvarez, Aguirre and Calida, it's a go...

Typical duplicitous behavior of these men in power now.



Dispatch from Crame No. 42

3 / 27 / 17

It's called paranoia. Also insecurity.

What destab are they talking about? What "triumvirate of plotters"?

Stifling criticisms and shunning international condemnation, irrationality of behavior and policies, constant animosity towards the Church, sell-out of our sovereign rights over our maritime domain, and rejection of accountability for the heinous acts of summary killings--these are a clear recipe for self-destruction.

So don't look at us please...

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