Press Release
April 2, 2017

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Handwritten Note
Dispatch from Crame No. 51

My favorite nephew, my only one, graduated today from Grade 12 in Ateneo. A silver medalist, or second honors.

His name is Marcel.

So proud of him. He's truly gifted with intelligence and keen sense of discipline in his studies. I constantly tease him about his "nerdiness". And guess what? He delights being called a "nerd".

As the only child he's rather sheltered, something I would caution his father (my brother) against. Real life is out there. And real life is not all good and beautiful. It's also about struggles, despairs, frustrations, and even betrayals.

Marcel wants to be a lawyer like his tita and his late grandpa, his role models. He says he's taking up Legal Management as a pre-law course. Couldn't convince him to take A.B. History-Political Science, my own pre-law.

I have no doubt he would succeed and excel in his academic pursuits.

I pray for his well-being. My foremost wish? For him to imbibe a profound love for his country.

He has his own message to me: "Wait for me, Tita." Took a while before I understood what he meant.

Congrats Marcel!


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