Press Release
April 20, 2017


Senator JV Ejercito wants to impose stiffer penalties for overloading vehicles after an overloaded bus in Nueva Ecija, which fell into a 100 feet ravine, killed 31 and injured 46 people on Tuesday.

Sen. Ejercito, as Vice Chair of the Public Services Committee, said the Nueva Ecija bus accident was so tragic that major steps should be taken to revamp regulations on land transportation.

"Republic Act No. 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code is an outdated law which needs to be reviewed. We were able to pass the Speed Limiter Act during the 16th Congress, I think it is high time to pass an amendment with respect to the violation of the prescribed maximum capacity of public utility vehicles," the senator said.

He noted that the law was enacted in June 1964, and its corresponding terms and conditions issued by the LTFRB do not provide for a penalty which corresponds to the possible damage to its passengers.

"What we need are stiffer penalties for overloading. Right now, our law only prescribes for Php 2,000 and Php3,000 and suspension of the Certificate of Public Convenience for 1st and 2nd offense, respectively," he added.

Sen. Ejercito said that while the nation is grieving with those who lost their loved ones in the accident, the Senate will take steps in ensuring that accidents like these are curbed and prevented from happening again.

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