Press Release
May 3, 2017

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Pimentel III

On whether SP Pimentel voted of former Secretary Lopez

SP Pimentel: ...The chairman of the committee assured us that his recommendation to disapprove secured the support of more than 13 or at least 13.

Q: Did you see Lopez?

SP: Yes, dumaan sa office ko. Wala lang, I wished her the best. Alam naman niyang close fight. Ako naman kasi, disabled naman ako kasi under the Constitution the chair can only vote if there is a tie and it is significant to break the tie.

Q: You did not vote?

SP: Yung vote ng chairman can only be the 13th vote. Pag may 13 na, what is it? You cannot even create the tie kasi 25 lahat.

Q: She has to vacate her post immediately?

SP: She is no longer secretary ngayon, unfortunately, from the moment we banged the gavel.

Q: Hindi na siya pwede ma-reappoint?

SP: Theoretically speaking. Pwede pero pointless. What's the point? This is the Constitutional body which determines fitness to be secretary of something, of a certain department, and if the appointing power keeps on putting that person already judged as not fit on top or by this body, it would be the same result.

Q: How do you think the president will receive this news?

SP: He is aware of the Constitutional set-up. Tsaka alam ni Presidente, 104 million Filipinos, hindi lang yan isa ang may money sa environment.

Q: How would you describe the closed-door meeting?

SP: I did not attend. I cannot tell you the vote or how it went. Actually, siguro in keeping with the secret vote, inamend na nga namin yung rules namin, wag na lang nila sabihin kung sino-sino.

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