Press Release
May 4, 2017

Statement on the Suspension of ERC Chair Salazar

Today, the Office of the President confirmed the preventive suspension of Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Chairman Jose Vicente Salazar for 90 days pending investigation into administrative charges filed against him for violation of several laws and regulations.

The controversies surrounding the chairman have cast a long shadow over the integrity of the ERC, a powerful body that serves a crucial function in the regulation of the power sector. Questions on the integrity of Salazar and the ERC as an institution must be immediately resolved to restore stability to the energy regulatory mechanism of government.

In line with this, I am urging Malacañang to use this opportunity to conduct a thorough spring cleaning of the ERC. Dishonest officials, questionable contracts, and other anomalies must be investigated and dealt with as soon as possible. The government must ensure that the ERC is exercising its considerable powers for the benefit of the public good. The ERC should not be used as a vehicle to feed the greed of corrupt individuals.

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