Press Release
May 9, 2017

Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the 45-1 UNHRC vote calling to stop the EJKs in the Philippines
Dispatch from Crame No. 82


It was a double-slap on the PH delegation to the UNHRC when in a vote of 45-1, the UNHRC delegates urged the Philippines to take the appropriate actions to stop the EJKs in the country.

Obviously, the UNHRC completely ignored the fictional boasts of Cayetano on the human rights accomplishments of the Duterte regime: While most of the report embodied accomplishments of the PNoy administration, the UNHRC delegates were not about to be fooled, as they were able to distinguish between PNoy's accomplishments and the opposite reality of summary executions that now pervades in the country.

The delegates also called on the regime to allow UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard to investigate the EJKs under Duterte regime. This is the second part of the double-slap. After criticizing and cursing Callamard for appearing in the CHR anniversary and attending the FLAG forum on the drug war, the government is now asked to invite back Callamard.

It's time for Malacañang to swallow its pride and stop all the foolishness. Spouting fictional numbers and condescendingly lecturing brilliant HR defenders on the definition of EJK doesn't work as the images of bloodied corpses on city pavements is already seared in the mind of the international community.

It will take Cayetano and Malacañang some time to recover from this double slap. Hopefully, the lingering pain and ringing in the ears will teach them never ever to play around with the UN human rights bodies again, and that its officials like Callamard.

On a positive note for Malacañang, Duterte's sell-out of the Spratlys and the West Philippine Sea to his Chinese masters has paid off, as China is the lone state delegate that chose to side with its lackey, Duterte.

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