Press Release
May 19, 2017

Sen. De Lima on her perception of Lt. Col. Marcelino
Dispatch from Crame No. 87

5 / 19 / 17

My perception of Marcelino then, when I was the DOJ Secretary, is that he was a very reliable and efficient anti-drug operative. He was probably one of the best among the government's anti-narcotics agents. Several major drug busts that were carried out by the NBI under my supervision relied on information and advice given by Marcelino in the course of our inter-agency coordination.

As soon as Marcelino was arrested--ironically for the same crime he was so good at fighting--the Duterte regime through PAO Chief Persida Acosta demanded him to implicate me in the drug trade in exchange for his freedom. Marcelino refused.

I am not sure about the kind of pressure bearing upon Marcelino now. Last year, he refused to testify against me in the House Bilibid drug trade hearings, on account of the dishonor of bearing false witness against another innocent person. Almost one year is about to pass since then, and I can only speculate as to the reasons behind his turnaround.

But I am no longer surprised. By now, I am so used to this regime's habit of blaming the whole illegal drug industry on me as the supposed number one drug lord, while it continues to have nothing to show for its drug war in terms of cutting off the source from China and prosecuting the real Chinese drug lords. All it can show are the more than 9,000 alleged petty pushers and addicts dead, killed like pigs without due process, and one Lola from Iriga whose only deadly vice is cooking laing to die for.

I think Marcelino still has honor, and whatever lies he is forced to tell are not easy for him to declare, if not for some overwhelming pressure or threat coming from the tyrant and his minions. This regime of the worst and dumbest is already famous for turning men of integrity against their sworn duties and word of honor, and making the stupidest and most incompetent "honorables", with their titles and positions.

It is the highest honor to be persecuted by a kakistocracy. More so if that regime of incompetents and dullards continues to see you, a laing-cooking Lola from Iriga who is already in jail, as still the single most significant threat to their stupidity or impotence.

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