Press Release
May 30, 2017

Explanation of vote on P.S. Res. No 390

I voted not to revoke Martial Law for the reason that we should prevent chaos and violence from spreading across Mindanao. Let me just quote from a Supreme Court decision, I think it is David vs. Arroyo, if my memory serves me right:

"The power to declare martial law poses a severe threat to civil liberties. It is a strong medicine which should not be resorted to lightly."

Mr. President, I have two very simple reasons why I voted yes. One is my personal interpretation that Martial Law is a very strong medicine, or strong tool, to arrest violence and chaos in Mindanao and I think it deserves a larger body to deliberate and assess whether this medicine is being correctly implemented.

Second, Mr. President, I truly believe that the joint session or convention will legitimize and give a stronger mandate to the President. He acted and proclaimed Martial Law and I truly believe that a concurrence or affirmation will strengthen this mandate and proclamation. Thank you Mr. President.

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