Press Release
May 30, 2017


I will not object to martial law if it is the pathway to ensuring the safety of our countrymen in Marawi.

However, the Constitution does not require Congress or the Senate, in particular, to issue a resolution supporting martial law.

More than issue a resolution on the collective consensus of where Congress stands, it is our responsibility as lawmakers to put forward our individual manifestations for or against the imposition of martial law, in order for students of history to be able to fully understand and appreciate our individual take on this matter.

I also believe that since a resolution is not warranted anyway, it would have been prudent if the Senate had reiterated also the safeguards in our Constitution, highlighting the fact that public safety should remain our paramount concern.

I will not renege on my duty in striking a balance between ensuring the safety of our kababayans in Marawi, and in ensuring that the constitutional safeguards against abuses are followed.

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