Press Release
June 4, 2017

On the 100th Day of Persecution of Sen. Leila M. de Lima
Dispatch from Crame No. 96

6 / 3 / 17

8:40 PM

I'm glad that none of my regular visitors has, so far, bothered to ask me this question - what is it like or how does it feel to be under detention?

I would grope for the right words if so asked. I might even take offense.

But if forced to come up with an answer to such a silly, if not unkind question, this is my answer-- It's worse than death.

Yes, to be deprived of your physical liberty, even if temporary, and its concomitant indignities, and especially if you know within the deepest depth of your being that you're innocent, evokes an indescribable yet overwhelming feeling of despair as well as revulsion.

Today is my 100th day in detention, 100 days of gross injustice. An agony of an indefinite duration.

But my spirit remains unbroken. I must keep the faith and finish the race.

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