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June 5, 2017

Trillanes condemns Duterte admin's filing of cases against Lascañas

Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV cries foul over the filing of murder and attempted murder cases against retired SPO4 Arturo Lascañas due to the latter's public confession in the Senate.

Trillanes said: "After a hearing conducted by the Senate on Lascañas' admissions, Duterte allies were quick to dismiss his testimony and conclude that he is not credible. And now, the Davao City prosecutor's office is filing charges against him based on that same testimony."

"Worse, the people behind this did not even allow the case to go through due process by not letting Lascañas submit his counter affidavit allegedly because of returned subpoenas. It was widely reported in the media that Lascañas was already abroad in early April, so why didn't the prosecutor notify instead the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) since it was listed as the lawyer representing Lascañas in his affidavit and during the hearing?"

On Monday, news reports have come out about the Davao City Prosecutor's office's filing of murder and frustrated murder cases against Lascañas in connection with a series of attacks on broadcaster Jun Pala.

Trillanes, a member of the Senate minority, also noted that if the Davao prosecutors relied on Lascañas' testimony about Jun Pala in the Senate, then they must know that it was not Lascañas who murdered Pala.

"According to his testimony, Lascañas was only part of those who planned the assassination of Jun Pala. In which case, his co-conspirators, particularly, Rodrigo Duterte, Sonny Buenaventura and Jim Tan should've been charged as well," Trillanes added.

"This is a clear case of legal harassment and abuse of authority by the Duterte administration, meant to silence Lascañas and prevent him from testifying against Duterte in any legal forum." Trillanes further explained.

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