Press Release
June 7, 2017

Sen. Bam on Sec. Aguirre's allegations on Marawi meeting

Is fake news enough for the head of our country's Department of Justice to make these outrageous allegations?

To be clear, there was never any meeting among the individuals mentioned by Sec. Aguirre.

On May 2, 2017, I was the PUP commencement speaker at the PICC and attended the session at the Philippine Senate.

My trip to Marawi was on May 19, 2017 to launch the first Negosyo Center in the ARMM and I had with me an AFP escort throughout my trip, which can easily be verified through the AFP.

Vice Gov. Bombit Adiong, B/Gen. Rolando Joselito Bautista and Gen. Nixon Fortes were also with me during the event.

DTI Sec. Mon Lopez has already publicly clarified and confirmed that I was in Marawi City for the Negosyo Center launch.

These are easily verifiable for anyone who cares to find the truth.

It would be prudent for Sec. Aguirre to clarify dates, seek evidence and request for official statements from legitimate government agencies before he makes yet another false accusation.

This tragedy could have been an opportunity to unite the Philippines against a common enemy.

Instead, it's being used to further political interests and further divide our country.

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