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June 7, 2017

Grace Poe on RWM issues
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Kapihan sa Manila Bay

On RWM Protocol

Marichu Villanueva: Since you are also the Vice-Chair of the committee on public order, and it's also one of the hottest topic of the week, the Resorts World Manila, and you have been conducting senate hearings with the PNP officials, and here comes this bungled, botched robbery attempt that killed 38 people and the House is now conducting their own (hearing), will the Senate make an inquiry in this thing?

Sen. Grace Poe: I'm not sure if a senator has already filed a resolution for a senate hearing on the RWM incident but this is up to the discretion of the public order Chairman, Sen. Ping Lacson. Ngayon, siyempre madaming haka-haka diyan, nung umpisa sinasabi nila terrorism. Clearly and I think based on the history of the gunman, mukha namang it's a personal issue sa kanya but still it's a violent and very alarming issue. I think what we need to pick up from this is how our security protocols are, both in private establishments as well as public spaces. I think one of the things that was discussed was that the local government and then the mayor of the city should be the one giving the updates. Now the PNP, of course, have to be there, but I think, in light of the threats worldwide, terroristic threats as well as common crime, the community has to be able to respond immediately. So habang wala pa yung police, ano ang protocols sa committee, barangay ba? Local police doon, ano ang dapat gawin? At dapat alam din ng mga tao kasi kung wala tayo ng ganung measures eh nagkakaroon ng gulo, sino ba ang nagbibigay ng briefing? Sino ba ang in charge dito? Pati na rin ang mga security sa mga malls. Kasi siyempre tao din naman yan, pag may nakita kang mukhang nakakatakot na ganun, marami sa kanila matatakot, baka matakot din tayo pero dapat yan siguro meron silang button doon na kapag pinindot nila yun, may alarm na.

Villanueva: Parang sa bangko.

Poe: Oo parang sa bangko, panic button nila.

Villanueva: Ang meron yata sila yung para sa nandadaya na button, cheating button meron sila. Napapanood ko sa Hollywood, I don't know if they have that kind of button.

Poe: Hindi ko rin alam, kasi hindi naman ako pwede pumunta sa casino, government servant. Pero diba nakikita mo, yung nag tse-check ng bag, patpat yung ginagamit.

Villanueva: Yung mga nag check na security guard.

Poe: Ano ba yun parang magic wand.

Villanueva: Tapos parang cursory lang eh, not really thorough.

Poe: Of course because it becomes routinary already that's why we have to keep updating, we have to keep them vigilant of all situations.

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