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June 29, 2017

Sen. Bam: Gaming can bring jobs and business into PH

Sen. Bam Aquino sees the potential of the gaming industry in bringing honor to the country and creating jobs and livelihood for Filipinos.

"There is so much potential in our gaming industry," said Sen. Bam upon hearing that a Filipino team - TNC - qualified again for the prestigious International DOTA 2 Championship, which will be held from August 7 to 12 at KeyArena in Seattle. Last year, TNC placed eighth among 18 countries that joined the event.

Sen. Bam is a supporter of Filipino esports athletes and game development in the Philippines. He helped establish Philippine esports Association (PeSPA) to strengthen the foundation of esports in the country, look after the welfare of cyber athletes and stakeholders and promote esports in the country.

"We have very talented gamers that are winning big in the world stage. But we also have game developers and local studios that are hired to help create some of the most popular games," said Sen. Bam.

Sen. Bam mentioned that several Filipino game developers and studios recently made their mark in the international arena.

In the Tokyo Game Show, Japan's most important video game convention, seven Pinoy independent game developers brought home awards, including Keybol Games, Squeeky Wheel Studio, Monstronauts, Unibox, Popsicle Games, Moocho Brain Interactive Designs, and Nico Tuason's "Games by Nico".

Sen. Bam added that the game Flippy Bottle Extreme by Derrick Alain Mapagu also became a global hit, beating out games like Temple Run 2 and even Pokemon Go in the United States.

Other global companies tap Filipino studios and artists in producing popular games, such as Electronic Arts and FunGuy Studio. Synergy 88 and Microsoft for Gears of War 4 and Sony's Naughty Dog and Secret 6 on Uncharted 4.

"This is big business. Gaming can actually bring in money, jobs and livelihood into the Philippines," said Sen. Bam.

Furthermore, Sen. Bam said the inclusion of esports in the Asian Games in 2022 will give Filipino athletes another venue to highlight their skills and excel and bring honor to the country.

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