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July 11, 2017

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III

SPKP: The DILG OIC requested for a briefing. Requested for an opportunity to brief me about Maraw law and order situation. I'll take advantage of this meeting to ask about some law and order issues nationwide about yung nababasa kong patayan dyan. Ano ba yung nangyayari.

Q: Sir, is this the briefing na?

SPKP: No. The martial law briefing must be given by the martial law administrator who is the Secretary of National Defense and the martial law implementor who is the AFP Chief of Staff plus the National Security advisor.

Q: The issues you are talking about are the continued homicides?

SPKP: Yeah. Pagdating nila dito tatanungin ko sila. Ano ba ito unsolved crimes. What are the nature of the unsolved crimes? Why are these difficult to solve? Andito na rin sila eh.

Q: Sir, andito rin si AFP Chief Año?

SPKP: I'm not sure. Hindi ko pa siya nakita. I'm not sure if he is attending. It will be the OIC Cuy.

Q: You're bothered by the unsolved killings?

SPKP: Of course.

Q: There's a proposal from Speaker Alvarez about five years of martial law?

SPKP: Okay basta ako kasi ang aking position is extension of martial law must be requested by the president. So, dapat sa kanya manggaling yung idea na kailangan ng extension hindi po galling sa kahit kanino. Siguro ang ginawa lang ni speaker is pag merong request, he is open up to that period of time. Tinelegraph niya lang yung kanyang personal position.

Q: Pero kayo sir, are you open to that period of time?

SPKP: Ako kasi I would have to read the report. What happened during the 60 days. The report will be given before 60 days. So what happened during the martial law implementation. What were achieved then we measure this based on the goals from the start when martial law was declared. What would be the justification or the grounds for extending. Saka ko na ifform yung opinion ko after I read this report.

Q: Sir, AFP na mismo nagsabi na 5 years is too long?

SPKP: Opinion po ng AFP yun. Ang tanong kasi is opinion ko so I will form my opinion after I read my report and then hear the briefing.

Q: But the mere fact na AFP yung administrator ng martial law

SPKP: Most likely, if an extension is asked, they will not ask for that period of time. Ganun siguro yung mangyayari pero hintayin muna natin. Actually wala pa namang request for extension so lahat po ito ay academic discussion.

Q: Sir, bakit po nahiwalay yung DILG dun sa mismong security briefing?

SPKP: Hindi pa po kami nagmimeeting so malalaman ko palang ngayon what they want to tell me. Kasi they requested for this meeting.

Q: About san sir?

SPKP: Law and order situation in Marawi.

Q: Sir, yung BBL ano yung specific... would this have a good chance this coming Congress?

SPKP: I have talked with a member of the BTC yung Bangsamoro Transition Commission who is a lawyer and he told me that they addressed all those objectionable features of the first draft. The person I talked to who is confident that this time, this version is less constitutionally objectionable. Tignan po muna natin kasi hindi ko pa rin nakikita. It will be submitted to the president on the 17th. I want to be there when it is submitted.

Q: Sir, magiging priority bill na yun dito sa Senate?

SPKP: Oo priority na yun especially kung i-certify pa. I hear it will be certified.

Q: Yung security briefing meron na pong date?

SPKP: Yun ang wala pa. Yun ang inaarrange pa.

On the security briefing of the Senate

SPKP: Dito yun. Ang security briefing po na hinihingi ng Senado ay gaganapin natin dito sa Senado. All senators who can make it are welcome to attend.

Q: Sir, before yun ng SONA? Before mag lapse yung deadline? SPKP: Dapat especially if the executive intends to request for an extension. If there is no intent to request for an extension, it will lapse. The martial law will lapse after 60 days so no need for a briefing. But if they intend to ask, they better brief us.

Q: Pero yung July 17 sir ano yung magiging agenda niyo with the president?

SPKP: I want to attend the BBL submission since andun na rin naman ako. 4 o'clock kasi yung BBL. Kung libre ang pangulo sabi naman niya libre siya. We can have up to dinner or all nighter.

Q: Sir, lahat po ba ng senators kasama including the minority dun sa meeting?

SPKP: No. Namili lang ako ng isasama ko kasi limited din naman yung slots.

Q: Puro majority senators?

SPKP: Mamimili nalang.

Q: Sir, nagkausap kami ni Senator Sotto sabi niya meron daw emissary from the Palace na merong nagrequest ng security briefing sa senators late this week?

SPKP: Ngayon kami magkikita kasi I invited him to attend this briefing by the DILG.

Q: Will the Senate address or discuss the statement of Senator Trillanes when session resumes?

SPKP: Especially if someone follows it up. Tignan natin but depende. Marami naman na kasing sinabi si Senator Trillanes. Pinatawag na naman siya ng mga kapwang senador niya. Ang latest pronouncement niya is not of a different nature. It's the same. Pwede na rin siyang patawarin.

Q: Sir yung meeting niyo with the president this Monday night tungkol sa extension?

SPKP: Hindi. Walang fixed agenda pero andun na rin kami pero nagusap na rin kami so magusap na rin kami. Tapos second regular session na so ang priorities.

Q: If ever you'll bring up the president wants to request for an extension

SPKP: Oo. Pagusapan na rin yun. That's the 55th day na rin yun eh. Especially if we have a lot of time, we can talk about a lot of things.

Q: Pero iba pa yung hihingin na security briefing ng Senate?

SPKP: Iba yun. It must be held before July 22 so I am trying my best to schedule it this week. Kung hindi kaya, next week.

Q: Sir, ilan yung pinili niyong isama na senador?

SPKP: Yung iba naman kasi sa mga approach nalang.

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