Press Release
July 18, 2017

Grace Poe's Statement on TNVs

We must acknowledge the fact that many of our commuters now rely on Transport Network Vehicles (TNVs) to travel around the city. The companies of TNVs provide services that taxi operators have been remiss to provide in the past decade--point-to-point pick-up and delivery, standardized fare, and safe and comfortable rides.

Despite this, the government should still control the number of private persons allowed to ply a route. If anybody can just operate transportation services for the public, we may have an oversupply of common carriers in one area, or a lack of transportation in another. It may also result in traffic congestion due to additional vehicles on the road. This is why government regulation is still necessary.

I believe, however, that the drivers of Uber and Grab should not be caught in the crossfire between LTFRB and the TNVs. Uber and Grab invited individuals to apply as drivers. These individuals were accepted by these companies, and consequently, invested time and money in this endeavor. They have already been driving for several months, with the understanding that they will be given a CPC.

Paano ngayon sila? Sino ang mananagot diyan? Was the LTFRB's inaction on their applications intentional?

The TNVs provide the comfort and reliability that many of our people look for in public transportation. The LTFRB should therefore strike a balance between regulating TNVs and ensuring that the public need for safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation is met. Thus, until we are able to improve mass transportation, the LTFRB should defer its decision to disallow new applications from Grab and Uber drivers.

In line with this, I will also be filing a resolution and bill to address the issue of TNVs in the country.

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