Press Release
July 25, 2017

Statement of Senator Trillanes

Here are my takeaways from Duterte's SONA:

1. He admitted to killing people when he was mayor. Yes, plus the 10,000 killed through his bloody War on Drugs.

2. He said he hates the Communists yet he hasn't fired the communists in his cabinet.

3. He said he hates corruption yet he never launched any anti-corruption program the past year. Worse, he released GMA and buried Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. And, by the way, he has also admitted that he used to be corrupt when he was mayor.

4. There was no clear anti-poverty /economic agenda.

5. He ranted about mining yet he allowed the Commission on Appointments to kick out Gina Lopez. Worse, he appointed Gen. Cimatu, who was a GMA general.

6. He ranted again about illegal drugs and has killed thousands of lowly users and pushers but the top drug lords like Peter Lim have yet to be arrested.

7. Overall, the SONA sounded like a campaign speech that only sycophants and the gullible would appreciate.

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