Press Release
July 28, 2017



The lawyer for the Bilibid witnesses just admitted recently before the media that the possible retraction of his clients' witnesses against me is not a threat, but merely a reminder to Aguirre of the "bargain" that the government has struck with the convicted drug lords in exchange for their testimonies.

The use of testimonies against me as bargaining chips for privileges and perks of Bilibid convicts-witnesses only proves that these testimonies are all fabricated. The ease by which the convicts use their testimonies to extract favors from the authorities only reveals the transactional nature of the whole case against me.

Criminal convicts with zero credibility and subject to the absolute mercy of Duterte and Aguirre were simply given the choice between an easy life and even pardon, or harassment or even death, in exchange for fabricated testimonies against me. The choice for them was easy, especially to those who were just waiting for the moment to exact their revenge on me, after I raided their kubols and segregated them in Building 14 when I was still DOJ Secretary.

This is the value of the testimonies of the convicted criminals, as a bargaining chip for prison privileges, including the use of cellphones, wifi, TVs, airconditioners, etc., some gadgets of which are used in the continued operation of the Bilibid drug trade. In any court of law, these testimonies are worthless.

This constitutes one of the grounds in the Ombudsman case I filed against Aguirre, viz., graft and corruption for giving undue privileges to the convicted criminals and for using their false testimonies in legal proceedings before the House, the DOJ, and ultimately the courts.

In the face of all this, Aguirre still has the gall to say that the threatened retraction is the handiwork of people who want to weaken and destroy the case against me.

Ginoong Aguirre, mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo, kung may natitira ka pang hiya para sa sarili at pamilya mo. Pinakulong mo ang isang inosente, gamit ang mga pekeng ebidensiya at testimonya. Ngayon ay ituturo mo pa ang tangkang pagbaliktad ng mga testigo mo sa mga taong walang kinalaman. Alam mo namang kagagawan mo lahat yang pag gawa gawa ng ebidensiya laban sa akin, alinsunod sa utos ng iyong Hari, si Duterte. Lahat na lang ng nanggaling sa iyo ay peke. Lahat na lang ng sabihin mo ay peke.

This latest development is nothing but proof of my innocence, and the depravity of Aguirre's person. Criminals and convicts are only expected to lie and perjure themselves in exchange for an easy and even profitable life in prison, especially if the reward is pardon or commutation of sentence. But not so for a lawyer and DOJ Secretary. For Aguirre to undertake such brazen act of knowingly putting an innocent person in jail only reflects a character devoid of any integrity or morality whatsoever.

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