Press Release
August 1, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the postponement of barangay elections

Drilon: The minority is against it. We want the election to take place. Sa amin, it's a good policy to regularly renew your mandate. That's the essence of a democracy.

Q: Dapat na bang sibakin si Comm. Faeldon?

Drilon: He has a lot of questions to answer.

Q: Doon sa Parojinog case, do you see any need for a senate investigation?

Drilon: I would not be surprised if a resolution is filed. If a resolution is filed, I will support it and attend the investigation.

Q: Do you see any irregularity?

Drilon: Ang sabi ko nga, bakit sa gabi? It's a little difficult to search for things in a search warrant kapag madilim, di ba? Search warrant ito. It's a little difficult to search for something in darkness. On this occasion, why was the searched conducted in darkness?

Q: Para raw may element of surprise?

Drilon: This is a search warrant and you are supposed to identify the object, place and the person to be searched, and the things to be seized. You have enough force to serve the warrant. I don't see the need for an evening search. In fact, the rules of court, as a rule, says taht search warrant should be served during daytime; and if it's served in the evening, it must be so specified. That means that the rational of orderly service of a warrant should be during daytime.

Q: What about yung CCTV na winasak yung hard drive? Is it justified?

Drilon: What else is new?

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