Press Release
August 7, 2017

Grace Poe's Statement On Chairman Bautista

This goes beyond a domestic dispute. It is an allegation of corruption of epic proportions that definitely concerns public interest given the sensitive position in our democratic set up Chairman Bautista occupies.

It can no longer be framed merely as a "wife vs. husband" quarrel. The information made public points to the possibility of a "husband vs. the people" case.

Yes, we should allow the proper and duly mandated offices to look deeper into the criminal aspect of the case, however, without any intention of pre-empting any possible complaint for impeachment in the Lower House, these investigations should not deter the Senate from looking into the veracity of the other aspects of the allegations that appear to be supported by documentary evidence for purposes of coming up with appropriate remedial legislation.

Also, such shocking revelations make a lifestyle check among high Comelec officials urgent and needed.

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