Press Release
August 9, 2017

Statement of Sen. Juan Miguel F. Zubiri on the alleged involvement of Mr. Kenneth Dong on the P6.4 B Drug importation seized in Valenzuela

"I got to know Mr. Kenneth Dong when a friend introduced him to me several years ago. I was told that he is a legitimate businessman and an importer of Asuki industrial weighing scales. I consider him a friend but I do not know what his dealings and businesses are except for his ownership of Asuki.He made meNinongat his wedding and I was only one of many Senators, politicians and celebrities who were asked to be principal sponsor. I have not seen him since last Christmas, close to eight months ago.

As a public servant, I meet a lot of people and do not prejudge them. Let it be said, however, that I do not condone any illegal act much more the involvement in the illegal drug trade. I always believe that no one is above the law. Should there be any evidence of Mr. Dong's involvement in the said illegal drug trade, he should be brought to the bar of justice. If anyone breaks the law then, without fear or favor, friend or not, the law must be implemented and, if found guilty, should be arrested. As one of the principal authors of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, I have zero tolerance for illegal drugs."

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