Press Release
August 10, 2017

Senate approves Koko's proposal to create special committee for Marawi

Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III's resolution calling for the creation of a special committee that will focus on the rebuilding of Marawi City was adopted by the Senate on Wednesday.

Proposed Senate Resolution No. 457, filed on August 7, 2017, proposes the creation of the Senate Special Committee on Marawi, which will be tasked to study, review, assess, examine, investigate, and inquire into matters relating to the rebuilding of Marawi City.

"The extent of the damage sustained by Marawi City and the large number of displaced citizens caused by the rebellion requires a well-coordinated large-scale rebuilding effort on the part of the government", said Pimentel.

The committee was constituted with Senator Honasan as Chair, and Senators Lacson, Poe, Ejercito, and Aquino as members.

The Maute terrorist group launched a rebellion starting with an attack on Marawi on May 23, 2017, displacing 389,300 individuals as of July 1.

The Senate President said, "This is the Senate's contribution to President Duterte's call for full support, assistance, and cooperation for Task Force Bangon Marawi. The Senate will respond to the plea for help of our brothers and sisters from Marawi City."

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