Press Release
August 15, 2017

Gatchalian Calls for Lifting of Uber Suspension Order

LTFRB's order to suspend Uber's operations for one month is a hasty and untimely decision which will cause further frustration and chaos for hundreds of thousands of commuters who have no choice but to make the most out of Metro Manila's inadequate public transportation system.

To stop this situation from getting out of hand, I am calling on LTFRB to immediately recall the suspension order. I have nothing against holding Uber accountable for its violations, but the suspension order goes too far. It puts the burden of punishment on the shoulders of commuters who have already suffered enough. Instead, the imposition of a larger fine on Uber for its violations would be a more equitable and reasonable punishment.

In addition, I am urging LTFRB to lift its accreditation ban and begin processing new TNVS applications from Grab, Uber, and other platforms. The primary goal of LTFRB should be to promote public safety and convenience. During the Senate hearing, Grab and Uber demonstrated with clear evidence that demand for TNVS continues to surpass the existing supply of drivers. It is the government's responsibility to the commuting public to ensure that this demand is adequately met.

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