Press Release
August 22, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Welcome development po ba yung pag-resign ni Faeldon?

Drilon: It's a welcome development. Faeldon's position and continued stay in the customs became untenable given the fact that, if he's not involved in smuggling, then he is incompetent. He could not continuously stay there. It's good that he's gone.

Q: It doesn't mean na off-the-hook na po siya?

Drilon: If there is complicity, he can still be included in the prosecution in the dangerous drugs act.

Q: Ano yung na-discussed ng minority doon sa caucus?

Drilon: We discussed principally on the resolution that we filed on delo Santos' killing.

Q: Na-appreciate n'yo ba yung latest statement ni president last night?

Drilon: That's the rule of law. We hope that kind of attitude continues, rather than what we have seen, what we have heard before.

Q: Are you expecting na hindi matutulad doon kay Supt. Marcos?

Drilon: I look forward to this change in tact and policy of the president. I hope this continues, because the previous statements were really demoralizing for people who believe in the rule of law. I hope that this policy be maintained.

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