Press Release
September 6, 2017

Villanueva wants gov't to rethink its strategy in addressing drug problem

We have established in the senate hearings that there are gaps in the protocols of how our police operates: in terms of coming up with suspects, how they identify areas where they will operate, their protocols when seniors and minors are around. The PNP should take these findings seriously. Otherwise, they should just terminate their operations and rethink the approach in addressing our drug problem.

Furthermore, other criminal groups may have taken advantage of this campaign against drugs: killing individuals and labeling them as drug related.

Recent vigilante killings show that our police force has no complete control of criminality. It is important to reevaluate our strategy and consider stopping this aggressive campaign as this has become out of control.

Hindi po natin kayang sikmurain ang karumaldumal na sinapit ng batang si Reynaldo de Guzman. Ang ginawang pagpatay sa kanya ay mas masahol pa sa hayop.

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